Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Changes {ISO: In Search Of}

Knock knock, anyone home?  I swear we are here! 

Michelle here.  I've been giving this blog a lot of thought.  I had big dreams for it, as I know Nicole did as well.  I'd like to use the excuse that life got in the way (which is definitely part of it) but I think I got bored.  I love the idea of a photo challenge, but I think this blog deserves more.  The name ISO: In Search Of, obviously blossomed out of mine and Nicole's love of photography but I think it can be broadened to mean so much more. 

I want this blog to be a place of inspiration, creativity, collaboration and of course all things beautiful.  Photography is more than just taking pictures, it is finding the beauty and inspiration anywhere you look. 

So here are my thoughts bullet point style:

-Weekly photo challenges as usual (I promise we will judge and post winners this time around)
-Tutorials on all things creative that is not limited to photography
-Photography tips (couldn't leave those out)
-Guest posts from fellow creative minds out there
-Hopefully some contests and giveaways (cause who doesn't love winning things?)
-Daily doses of inspiration from my all time favorite site: Pinterest (if you want an invite leave me a note here with your email addy)
-Oh so much more as I'm sure more will occur to us as we go on. 

Of course, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  What do you want to see on ISO?  Nicole and I have even thrown around the idea of offering an e-book on what it takes to be a Mamarazzi. 

So, gear up for next week's challenge: Love.  I will post the linky on Sunday.  I am hoping we can get some good participation to get me excited about ISO again.  I love seeing your creativity and enthusiasm.  Happy Hump Day all!


Bree said...

so excited!!!

Kristi said...

This is a lot of work! Which is why Photo Hunt Challenges is practically retired. Good luck keeping this going