Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 3: Low Angle {ISO: In Search Of}

Our 2nd challenge this week: Low Angle.  I can't wait to see how people interpret this theme.  I went simple.  I saw Annika at the top of our swing this morning and I had to grab a shot.  She looked so sweet in the morning sun.

Week 3: Sweet {ISO: In Search Of}

This week has TWO challenges.... You can participate in one challenge, or both!  They will each be featured in separate posts with separate Linky's.

First up is Sweet. This can be interpreted any way you like!  Whatever you think is sweet :)  Now get snappin'!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And the winner is...

Nicole and I really enjoyed this first challenge.  We both understand how difficult it is to step in front of the camera, but it's totally worth it to be in a picture or two once in a while.  All the entries were fabulous and they really showed us how beautiful all of you are.  We appreciate you taking the time to share and you should be proud of taking that step.  Nicole and I were both unanimous on this decision, we thought this particular entry was so creative and really was a big step out of the box.  We want to congratulate you all and without further adieu, the winner of our very first challenge is Jessica.  

When I first took a look at this image, I was blown away.  First of all, Jessica is so beautiful and I just love the composition of this "picture in a picture" image.  It wasn't your average self-portrait and that's why I love it.  Congrats to you and don't forget to grab your bragging rights button!   

And please, don't forget about the two challenges we have going on this week!  You have until Sunday to upload!  I can't wait to see the creativity this week.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Our 2nd challenge this week: Shadows.  This can be anything that you interpret as shadows.... people, objects etc etc.

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This week has TWO challenges.... You can participate in one challenge, or both!  They will each be featured in separate posts with separate Linky's.

First up is Summertime. On your mark... get set... go!

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First Challenge.... DONE!

Awesome!  We are so excited to have some entries this week and hope that next week we can maybe, hmm... double our entries?  Thank you for your participation!  The winners will be announced by Wednesday evening.   Keep an eye out for the next challenge.... its starting today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{tips for shooting self-portraits}

Self-portraits can be intimidating and down-right scary.  At the same time they can be liberating and empowering and oh so fun.  Here are some tips to help you get a great shot of your beautiful mug:

-First, pour a glass of wine.  JOKING (only partially joking).  Be sure you are feeling comfortable though otherwise you won't look it in your shots.

-Don't be afraid to gussy yourself up.  When you feel beautiful, it shows.

-A tripod and remote shutter release are really handy but totally not necessary.  A couple of books stacked together and the timer on your camera will do just fine. 

-Position yourself in a flattering manner.  If standing, face sideways and stick your hip out toward the camera.  It will minimize your waist and offer up some sexy curves.  If you are sitting, never have the camera facing up at you.  You will give the illusion of several chins, always shoot down on yourself, it will thin out your face and that is always a bonus.  No slouching is allowed!  Keep your neck long and don't pull a turtle (pulling your neck back, double chin city!).

-Self-portraits don't necessarily have to be of your face.  It can your feet in a favorite pair of shows, it can be your ever growing belly when preggo.  Get creative, step outside of the box.

-Don't be afraid to add in the people you love.  Your kids, your hubs, your pet, anyone!  It will make it more meaningful. 

-Last but definitely not least, lose your inhibitions.  Be proud of who you are, you are beautiful.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Me: A Self Portrait

Challenge #1 will be "ME"

Take a self portrait.
Post it on your blog or a photosharing site (like Flickr or Photobucket) with a link back here to ISO (you can grab the "I took the ISO Challenge" button in the sidebar if you'd like!).
At the bottom of this post/picture, make sure you link up to us.
Check out the other bloggers links and leave them some blog love.

Please be sure to check out the "About" section to read over all the rules.  Please note that only 1 picture per topic will be allowed.  Thanks and get snappin'!

Hello and Welcome!!

Michelle and I are so glad you found our blog. We hope to challenge and inspire you to pick up your camera more often and take more pictures... essentially, to capture your life! As photographers, we have both had our ins and outs with photography. It is easy to get stuck in ruts and not feel inspired to take pictures. This past winter both Michelle and I purchased Project Life kits in attempt to inspire us to take more daily pictures. I'm not sure I have done so well at taking DAILY pictures, but I do know I'm trying really hard to capture the more mundane and often unnoticed things about my day. (It also doesn't hurt that it is summer and I'm home fulltime until school starts again! It is hard to take pictures in the winter in Michigan when it is dark shortly after I get home from work!)

We decided to collaborate and create a Photo Challenge blog... something we'd discussed briefly before and then literally one day I emailed Michelle about it again and ISO was created! We decided to call our blog ISO, standing for "In Search Of" as it is, obviously, a challenge blog that is to inspire you to find things that speak to you as representation of the weekly theme(s). And if you know a little about photography, ISO is the number that represents how sensitive your cameras sensor is to light. It only seemed fitting to use this "play on words" as our blog name.

Shortly, we will be posting our first photo challenge. If you have questions about how the challenges work, check out the {about} page.

We will also be looking for judges for each weekly challenge. If you would like to be a judge for us, email us at ISO_insearchof at yahoo dot com.