Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{tips for shooting self-portraits}

Self-portraits can be intimidating and down-right scary.  At the same time they can be liberating and empowering and oh so fun.  Here are some tips to help you get a great shot of your beautiful mug:

-First, pour a glass of wine.  JOKING (only partially joking).  Be sure you are feeling comfortable though otherwise you won't look it in your shots.

-Don't be afraid to gussy yourself up.  When you feel beautiful, it shows.

-A tripod and remote shutter release are really handy but totally not necessary.  A couple of books stacked together and the timer on your camera will do just fine. 

-Position yourself in a flattering manner.  If standing, face sideways and stick your hip out toward the camera.  It will minimize your waist and offer up some sexy curves.  If you are sitting, never have the camera facing up at you.  You will give the illusion of several chins, always shoot down on yourself, it will thin out your face and that is always a bonus.  No slouching is allowed!  Keep your neck long and don't pull a turtle (pulling your neck back, double chin city!).

-Self-portraits don't necessarily have to be of your face.  It can your feet in a favorite pair of shows, it can be your ever growing belly when preggo.  Get creative, step outside of the box.

-Don't be afraid to add in the people you love.  Your kids, your hubs, your pet, anyone!  It will make it more meaningful. 

-Last but definitely not least, lose your inhibitions.  Be proud of who you are, you are beautiful.

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