I am so glad you're here! While I am a  professional photographer I want to make it very clear that ISO is NOT just for photographers. I want ISO to be for everyone who likes taking pictures. I want to encourage you to pick your camera up more often. To take pictures of the mundane. The everyday. I want to stretch your imagination and get you to think outside the box and photograph things you might not normally think to photograph. Its all about capturing a moment in time. After all, its those moments that make up our lives, right?

Here is how ISO Challenge will work.  Each week I will post a new Challenge Topic.  Some weeks there will be multiple topics.  Throughout the week, think of the topic and of what comes to mind to represent that word/phrase.  Take a picture!   Then, post this picture on your blog, with a link to the ISO blog, and then come here and link up to us from the original Challenge Topic post.  How do you do this?  At the bottom of the post there will be a box for you to fill out with your name, blog addy, email etc.  Fill this out and submit.  Then, make sure you take a peek at a few other participants blogs and leave them some comment love!

Topics must be uploaded by Sunday at 11:00pm.  Only ONE entry per topic will be allowed, you run the risk of being disqualified if you post multiple pictures.  The judge will then begin checking out all the entries and will choose a winner by Wednesday at 9pm.  Winner earns bragging rights and a "Winner" button for their blog.