-I am 35
-I would eat ice cream for any meal.  No joke, I can't get enough of it.  
-I hate socks.  Seriously, they bug me.
-I have 3 kids, they are crazy.
-I have 2 dogs, they are crazy.
-I have a husband, he's crazy.  Just kidding, I think he thinks I'm crazy though!
-I love reading, especially in the summer.
-Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite beverage is a big glass of red wine.  
-I love traveling, we value travel as a family and always strive to make it part of our lives. 

Annika, she's 9.5.  She's my sweet, smart and angelic little girl.  She's smart and hilarious and very sensitive.  She's got a creative soul and I adore that about her.

Bianca, she's 8 going on 15.  She's feisty, silly, emotional and way too smart for her own good.  She loves to sing, dance and do all things artistic.  She's all about the drama and has the best laugh in the whole wide world!

Bennett, he's 7.  He's my wild child.  He is active, strong and never stops moving.  He loves hockey, soccer and legos.  He is also a little lover, always giving hugs and kisses and telling me he loves me.  He has a special place in my heart, he's my sweet boy.

At one point in my life, I took pictures for a living.  I LOVED capturing images of children being themselves.  My style was photojournalistic with a side of portraiture thrown in.  I am drawn to bright colors and simple backgrounds and my favorite time of the day to shoot is dusk.  The light that surrounds you at dusk is the most incredible light you will ever find.  It's warm, hazy and dreamlike.

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