Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week 5 Winners! ISO {In Search Of}

I'm sorry this is late, guys, but I got back into town late last night and well, I'm sure you know how the first day home from vacay is... crazy.  So anyhow, I am HOPING that soon we can get some volunteer photographers to enlist and be our "judges" each week... any takers? Please?

I was really bummed I was out of town during this weeks challenge and had been excited to participate.  I had contemplated taking my iMac camping with us (oh yes, I did) but ultimately decided I wasn't sure I'd forgive myself if dust or dirt or whatever other fun camping things happened to ruin my iMac.  So, home it stayed where it was safe and sound.  And thus, aside from my iPhone, I remained pretty detached from the internet.

The participants this week did a great job.  I really enjoyed looking through everyone's challenge photos.  So without further ado.... the winners!

Water: This was a hard decision for me because everyone really had some great perspectives to their images and no two were alike!  There were lakes and ponds and bathtubs and even ice.... so many perspectives!

Leslie from L'espoir fait Vivre!  I was immediately struck by the beautiful colors in her photo as well as the glassy, beautiful crystal clear water!

Dream: Again, so many great perspectives!  However, I had to go with Rachel's photo.  The hazy, sunlit bride just beamed with so many dreams and hopes for her future.  Perfect!

Great job everyone!  Winners, don't forget to grab your badge!  Good luck everyone next week and I can't wait to see more entries!

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